ZET Support Program for Regional Scientific Conferences in Canada


This program of the Zoological Education Trust (ZET), a registered charity affiliated with the Canadian Society of Zoologists (CSZ), is intended to provide support to regional scientific conferences held within Canada, where a substantial number of participants are undergraduate and graduate students presenting the results of their research in an area of zoology.

Terms of reference


Awards made under this program may take one of the following forms:

  1. A ZET Outstanding Presentation Award to an individual student for an outstanding oral or poster presentation, comprising a scroll, a cash prize, and a one-year student membership in the CSZ, with a total value not normally to exceed $125.
  2. A ZET Keynote Speaker Grant to the conference to assist with the expenses of a keynote speaker, with a total value not normally to exceed $250, and paid only on presentation of receipts to ZET.
  3. Any other form of award agreed to by the Trustees of ZET, in consultation with the local organizing committee. The number of awards in a year may vary, and awards may not necessarily be made every year. A conference may receive an award under this program in more than one year.
Application/Nomination Procedures

Conference organizers are invited to contact ZET well in advance of the date of the conference to inquire about the current availability of these awards. They should indicate:

  1. the name, dates and location of your conference;
  2. the name, phone number, and postal and e-mail addresses of a contact person for your conference;
  3. the prominence of zoology within the overall conference theme;
  4. the geographic range and academic mix of students that the conference is expected to attract; and
  5. the type of award being sought and the amount requested.

If for an individual prize, the method used by the conference to select a recipient should be indicated. If for a grant to the conference to support a keynote speaker, the credentials of the speaker and a statement indicating how the presentation relates to zoology or zoological education should be provided.

Application Deadline

As far in advance of your conference as possible.




  • 2016 - Ontario EEE Conference
  • 2013 - Ontario EEE Conference
  • 2012 - Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference
  • 2011 - Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference
  • 2010 - Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference
  • 2009 - Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference
  • 2008 - Prairie Universities Biology Symposia
  • 2007 - New Brunswick Graduate Student Conference
  • 2004 - Prairie Universities Biology Symposia
  • 2002 - University of Calgary Graduate Student Keynote Speaker