On April 10th, 2017, the "Canada's Fundamental Science Review Panel" released its report assessing the health and future of fundamental science in Canada.

The panel recognized the strength of fundamental science research in Canada and acknowledged that Canada-based investigators, students, postdoctoral researchers, and technicians were world-leaders in their fields.

The panel also recommended a number of steps to strengthen and support the fundamenal research environment in Canada.

The Executive Committee of the Canadian Society of Zoologists / Société canadienne de zoologie, in consultation with its membership, has fully endorsed the recommendations laid out in the panel's report.

You can read our letter of support for the report, here.

The "Naylor Report", as it has come to be called (named after Dr. Naylor, the panel's chair) recommends a number of concrete steps to improve the overall research funding climate in Canada.

The report calls for the creation of a National Advisory Council on Research and Innovation (NACRI) that would work with the Chief Science Advisor (CSA) to better coordinate and plan research programming across funding agencies.

In addition, the report calls for new federal spending, balanced across:

  • investigator-led research operating grants (the highest priority);
  • enhanced personnel supports for researchers and trainees at different career stages;
  • targeted spending on infrastructure-related operating costs for small equipment and Big Science facilities; and
  • enhancement of the environment for science and scholarship by improved coverage of the institutional costs of research.

Along with other groups in Canada, the Canadian Society of Zoologists / Société canadienne de zoologie has indicated its support on the Supportthereport.ca site.

This site is a useful repository of information about the report and its ongoing implementation. It is also a great place to learn how you can have your voice heard on this important issue.

Posted in Outreach on Jul 23, 2017