PhD traineeship – Effects of Omega 3 depletion on marine fish: Ecophysiological approach

Ifremer, Laboratory of Environmental Marine Science

There is increasing evidence that fish will be adversely affected by warmer temperature and reduction in essential fatty acids (EFA) availability in their food web. However, the combined effects
of these factors on fish physiology has been overlooked. Fish has been mainly considered as threatened by EFA depletion in the food web, but recent investigations rather suggest that less EFA
can yet be beneficial to increase the mitochondrial efficiency of energy production. Low EFA diet in warming world could instead facilitate the resilience of marine fish through mitochondrial efficiency. This project will use newly-developed methods in laboratory experiments to test the effect of reduction in EFA and climate warming on two levels of the food chain, primary (Golden grey mullet Liza aurata) and secondary consumers (European sea bass Dicentrachus labrax), which are important fishery resources. This project will provide a novel framework that fosters insights into the mechanistic bases and whole-organism consequences of effects of global change.

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