Items of interest to CSZ members

Dear CSZ Members,

I’m emailing with two items of importance to CSZ members.

Firstly, CSZ has been asked to provide feedback on proposals by the Canada Research Coordinating Committee to

  1. Set up an interdisciplinary tri-agency research fund,
  2. Strengthen equity, inclusivity, and diversity in research, and
  3. Improve support for Early Career Researchers.

You can read about these proposals here:

Note that you can record your personal thoughts in feedback forms associated with each of these topics (please do so), but if you feel that there are specific or general comments that we should make as a society, please email them to me by 9am Eastern on Monday 13 August.

Second, the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is striking two new subcommittees on Reptiles and Amphibians. They have specifically approached CSZ to look for nominees. For those of our members who use vertebrates, representation on CCAC committees is extremely important! I will be specifically contacting individuals whom I think may have something to offer, but please feel free to forward suggestions (or to volunteer yourself) to me by Friday 17 August.

I hope you all are having a safe, relaxing, and productive summer.

Brent Sinclair
President, Canadian Society of Zoologists